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Marmoelettromeccanica at Stone+Tec 2024

We are pleased to announce that Marmoelettromeccanica will be participating in the Stone+Tec 2024 fair in Nuremberg from June 19 to 22. This prestigious international event represents a significant opportunity to interact with industry experts and present our latest technological innovations. During the fair, we will showcase a range of new products designed to optimize efficiency and quality in the stone processing industry. Among these, the Diamond Frankfurt represent our most recent innovation.

Discover the Diamond Frankfurt at Stone+Tec 2024

The Frankfurt Polishers have been developed to provide precision and superior quality polishing for flat surfaces. Specifically, these tools feature a special polymer backing that acts as a shock absorber, thereby compensating for any machine inconsistencies or surface irregularities. Consequently, this ensures a uniform and high-quality finish. Furthermore, their versatility allows for excellent results, maximizing the material being worked on and easily adapting to different operational needs.

Why Choose Our Frankfurt Polishers

Thanks to innovative technology, our Frankfurt Polishers operate at higher speeds compared to any other option on the market, thus reducing processing times and increasing productivity without compromising quality. Additionally, these tools are designed to ensure an impeccable finish on a wide range of materials, from marble to granite, and from engineered stone to ceramics, always delivering a shiny and perfectly smooth surface.

Furthermore, the Frankfurt Polishers are built to offer extended durability, which in turn reduces costs and machine downtime. Ideal for efficient production and lower operating expenses, they represent an economical and practical solution. Their extreme compatibility makes them the only product you will need for all materials, thus eliminating the need to change tools for different types of stone and ceramics.

In summary, this versatility not only saves significant time in machine setup but also increases production flexibility, allowing seamless transitions between various materials and ensuring smooth operations and excellent results across the board.

Invitation to Visit Us

We will be present with a dedicated booth where our team of experts will be available to provide detailed information about our products and perform practical demonstrations. We invite you to visit us to discover how our solutions can improve your processing workflows and the quality of your results. We look forward to seeing you at Stone+Tec 2024. Visit the official website for more info.


Marmoelettromeccanica at Coverings 2024: Innovating the Future of Diamond Tooling

We’re excited to announce Marmoelettromeccanica’s participation in the esteemed Coverings 2024 trade show, set to take place from April 22nd to 25th in Atlanta, Georgia. This event marks a significant opportunity for us to showcase our latest advancements and engage with professionals from the tile, stone, and flooring industries.

Discover Our Latest Innovations at Stand 39105, Hall B/C

Our team is thrilled to introduce attendees to our groundbreaking Inline Diamond Wheels series, with a spotlight on our flat edge polishing wheels. These tools are the result of extensive research and development, designed to optimize the straight-edge polishing process, ensuring efficiency, flawless finish, and unparalleled durability.

The Flat Edge tools stand out for their innovative design, featuring discharge channels for optimal lubrication, preventing streaking and extending tool life. This innovation highlights Marmoelettromeccanica’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and setting new industry standards.

Experience Precision and Efficiency

Coverings 2024 provides a unique platform for us to connect with the community and demonstrate how our products can transform manufacturing processes. Our commitment to excellence and innovation positions us as leaders in the diamond tooling industry, and we are eager to share our achievements with you.

We invite all Coverings 2024 attendees to visit us at Stand 39105, Hall B/C, to experience the difference our tools make. Discover the precision, efficiency, and quality that Marmoelettromeccanica brings to every project.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Marmoelettromeccanica is more than just a company; we are pioneers, constantly exploring new possibilities and creating solutions that redefine what is possible in diamond tooling. Our participation in Coverings 2024 is an open invitation to join us on this journey, to witness innovation in action, and to engage with tools that are transforming the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand, sharing our knowledge, and exploring how our innovative solutions can support your manufacturing needs. See you in Atlanta!

For more information about our products and to schedule a meeting during the event, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Stay ahead of the curve with Marmoelettromeccanica, where innovation meets excellence.