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We proudly represent one of the leading Italian companies in the metal-mechanical sector, specializing in manufacturing diamond tools for processing natural and synthetic stone.

Internationally acclaimed, we boast the highest number of patents, utility models, and industrial designs in the stone industry, filed, extended, and confirmed on a global scale.


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Highest feed rate in the world

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Research & Development

With four decades of experience, we have consistently regarded research and development as integral to our company’s growth and the enhancement of our proposed technologies.

Each year, we invest approximately 7% of our revenue in research to continuously offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions to our esteemed clientele. Through our research efforts and collaboration with CNC machine manufacturers, we have successfully optimized the operational performance of our tools, resulting in highly innovative and unparalleled systems.

Furthermore, we firmly believe in safeguarding our intellectual property, and thus, each of our groundbreaking inventions is protected by certified patents.

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to delivering prompt and professional pre-sales and after-sales services to our clients worldwide, offering specialized technical assistance and expert consultations tailored to their unique needs.

At the launch of every new product, we showcase demonstrations conducted by technicians who regularly utilize our machines, either in our facility or at international trade events.

Moreover, we conduct training activities during the installation and testing of purchased machines, employing a team of qualified technicians to ensure optimal usage of our diamond products.

Our History

Established in 1980 with the vision of simplifying and enhancing the processing of marble, granite, and natural stones, we have achieved our initial goals over the course of four decades and continue to strive for improvement through unwavering dedication.

Testimonials from thousands of operators worldwide stand as a testament to the validity, quality, and versatility of our products, all meticulously manufactured in strict compliance with international safety standards.


Rotating Toucher
The simple but effective innovation which helped fabricators with guiding the router


The first polishing wheels introduced using abrasive tapes


Master Router
The first router with a water gliding system which eased the motion of the machines


Master Lift Support

After this innovation the routers were not only for external edges


Longlife Polishers

The first diamond resin bonded polishing wheels introduced in the industry


Initial stock removal for profiles made simple


Our symbol of and the fastest metal tools in the industry


Helped fabricators to precut profiles faster than ever


Tripower & PAD3D PADS
5 Simple steps to achive full polish



The best performing super-z tool


Glossforce 3.0

he new generation of polishers which give a perfect homogenous finish


Operating in adherence to rigorous standards, we have earned the prestigious Quality Management System certification – UNI EN ISO
9001. This commitment to excellence extends to health, safety, and environmental protection.

We firmly believe that our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of growth and competitiveness, and to that end, we invest in cultivating a highly qualified staff capable of independently managing all phases of production.

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Our Global Presence

Our extensive organizational structure spans across the globe, while our Italian roots remain integral to our identity. Through a team of specialized personnel and state-of-the-art computer systems, we connect with clients worldwide, providing exceptional service and support.

Thanks to the exceptional quality of our products and our flexible organization, we have rapidly captured markets worldwide, garnering enthusiasm and unequivocal approval from users everywhere.

We ensure the swift and efficient delivery of our products across the world through an extensive network of distributors, retailers, and franchises.

Every day, our sales representatives, technicians, and agents offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients, all made possible through our extensive catalog featuring over 4.000 products.

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