Line 60

Discover precision and speed with Line 60, our flagship CNC profiling wheels. Engineered with a 60mm minimum diameter, this line offers external profiling excellence for stone countertops. Achieve remarkable feed rates and a flawless 30mm internal radius. With options in EHS, Standard, and Electroplated technologies, Line 60 ensures consistency and efficiency in sinkhole creation. Seamlessly integrate using a 35mm bore fitting. Please note that for simple flat profiles, the pre-cutting option may not apply. Elevate your countertop fabrication with Line 60’s cutting-edge performance.

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Line 40

Unleash versatility and finesse with Line 40, the choice for internal and external profiling. Crafted with a 40mm diameter, Line 40 creates a 20mm radius in sinkhole corners while excelling in high feed rates on edges. Choose from EHS, Standard, and Electroplated technologies for precision. Seamlessly integrate using a 22mm bore fitting. Line 40 sets the stage for efficient and polished countertop production.

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Line 20

Experience perfection in sinkhole design with Line 20. Tailored for internal profiling, these CNC profiling wheels, with a 10mm diameter, create a 5mm radius in sinkhole corners. Choose from Standard and Electroplated technologies, providing options for every need. Seamlessly integrate using a ½” Gas fitting. Elevate your sinkhole fabrication with Line 20’s precision and finesse.

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Line 10

Elevate your sinkhole detailing with Line 10. Specifically designed for internal sinkhole profiling and polishing, Line 10 features a 10mm diameter, creating a refined 5mm radius. Choose from Standard and Electroplated technologies, catering to diverse needs. Seamlessly integrate using a 22mm bore fitting. Achieve impeccable sinkhole edges with Line 10’s specialized composition.

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