Flat Edge

Tools specially designed for straight edge polishing that have been engineered to achieve perfect polish. With discharge channels specifically designed for optimal tool lubrication, they enable flawless straight-edge polishing without any form of streaking, guaranteeing perfect shine and exceptional durability. These innovative tools embody precision and efficiency, transforming the process of straight-edge polishing into a smooth and effective operation. Their unique design not only guarantees superior shine but also extends the life of the tool, making it a valuable asset for any manufacturing process.

Embrace the ultimate solution for straight-edge polishing and experience unmatched polish quality, enhanced durability, and a significant reduction in operational downtime. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that you achieve the best possible finish on every straight edge, setting new standards in the industry.

Flat Edge

Unmatched Speed and Gloss

Unmatched Speed

Thanks to innovative technology, our pads operate at speeds higher than any other option on the market. This means reduced processing times and increased productivity, without ever compromising on quality.

Precision Polishing

Each pad is engineered to ensure a flawless finish on a wide range of materials. Whether it’s marble, granite, engineered stone, or ceramics, the result is always the same: a shiny and perfectly smooth surface.

Stunning Results on All Materials

Our special formula ensures that each pass of the pad leaves behind nothing but shine. Forget about matte or uneven finishes: with our pads, a perfect polish is guaranteed.

Extended Longevity

Our Inline Polishing Pads offer extended lifespan, saving costs and time by reducing machine downtime. Ideal for efficient production and lower operational expenses.

A single product for all materials

Discover unprecedented compatibility with the new Inline Polishing Pads – the only product you’ll need for all materials. This cutting-edge technology is the epitome of versatility, allowing smooth work on a wide range of materials, both natural and artificial. Specifically designed for marble, granite, limestone, quartzite, engineered stone, and ceramic, it offers a unique solution that revolutionizes the polishing process.

Our unique product eliminates the need to swap tools for different materials, allowing the same tool to effortlessly transition between various types of stone and ceramics. This not only saves significant time on machine setup but also increases production flexibility. Now, you no longer need to change tools; with just one type of pad, you can work on all materials consecutively. Embrace the future of material processing where simplicity meets efficiency.

Available Diameters

Ø 130mm / 5”

Ø 150mm / 6”


Available in 13 grits


The table provides guidance on the indicative sequence for the Inline Polishing Pads.

However, adjustments may be necessary depending on the specific type of material and machine. Additionally, it’s possible to sequence two identical grits to further increase speed.

For machines with more than eight heads, the choice of grits, in addition to those required for polishing, depends on the desired outcome.

Our technical department is fully available to advise you on the right sequence for your machine.

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