Adaptors and Cones

Introducing our versatile adapters, designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide array of customdesigned items. We take pride in our commitment to adaptability, offering a solution that effortlessly accommodates your unique specifications. Our adapters provide the essential link between your distinct creations and various systems, ensuring flawless functionality and optimal performance. With a focus on precision and innovation, our adapters are engineered to empower your creative freedom. Experience the convenience of tailor-made solutions that effortlessly connect your designs to the world, setting new standards in adaptability and versatility.

Tool Holder


1/2 Gas Holder

Collet Holder

1/2 Gas Fitting Tool Holder

1/2 Gas Fitting Tool Holder

M30 Fitting

Flange Fitting

1/2 Gas Fitting

1/2 Gas Fitting

Magnetic Fitting for Drainboard Wheel

1/2 Gas Adaptor Fitting Ø10mm


Bushing for Linea 60 – EHS – EHS Plus 5mm


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