Line Master

Elevate your stone craftsmanship with our premium manual router bits. Meticulously crafted for manual routers, these bits offer unparalleled precision and performance. The set includes positions such as Professional, BiPower, and Longlife+ for optimal cutting and polishing results. With a standard M8 bolt fitting, upgrade to M10 for a seamless fit. Choose from optional pre-cutting solutions like Frangistone and Razorstone for added versatility. Crafted with high-quality metals and rubber polishers, our manual router bits are designed to deliver exceptional results, making stone processing a seamless and efficient endeavor.

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Line IW

Experience superior stone shaping with our IW (Internal Water) manual router bits. Exclusively designed for manual routers equipped with internal water feed systems, these bits feature an M10 fitting for effortless compatibility. Positions include Zenith, BiPower, and Longlife+ for impeccable cutting and polishing performance. Enjoy efficient water circulation for cooling and lubrication during operations. Optional pre-cutting alternatives like Frangistone and Razorstone expand your capabilities. Maximize your stone fabrication workflow with our IW manual router bits, benefiting from innovative design tailored to manual routers with internal water feeds.

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